Do You or Someone You Love Have High Blood Pressure?

Self Care Master Classes to help you identify, monitor and prevent Coronary Artery Disease, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack and Stroke. With their combined experience of more than 45 years, Dr. Richardson and Dr. Reedy deliver web-based modules based on science and holistic principles. Subscribe from the comfort of your home. Start your 30-day journey today!

Identify the Problem

Solve Your Problem

Are You a Candidate?

  • Do you have uncontrolled blood pressure in spite of medication?
  • Do you want to learn how to regulate your blood pressure?
  • Do you have a family history of these chronic diseases?
  • Do you have high cholesterol?
  • Do you have diabetes?
  • Are your eating habits and lifestyle putting you at risk?

Why Subscribe?

  • R & R brings over 45 years of experience to the master classroom.
  • R & R master classes are based on science, and biblical principles.
  • Dr. R and R offers three comprehensive and affordable master class subscriptions!
  • Enter our master classes from the comfort of your home.

What Are People Saying About R & R Self Care Webinars?

My doctor kept adding more medication to control my blood pressure. Since I subscribed to Dr. R & R. I better understand what triggers my blood pressure and as a result my medication has been reduced. Their holistic and personalized approach made me feel like my wellness program was designed to address my personal health concerns. I tell everyone who is serious about their health to check out Dr. R & R’s Zoom sessions. I have shared this information with friends and strangers, and many have subscribed. This makes me feel good to share information that has helped someone!

J. Jackson
The wellness programs are informative, comprehensive, and affordable. There is a wealth of information shared during the Zoom sessions, which kept me committed and motivated to learning more about improving my quality of health. I have made lifestyle changes that have not only lowered my risk factors for a broken heart, I have a better quality of life… better sleep, focus, energy, and move without stiffness. My family has also benefited, because of the lifestyle changes I have made. I highly recommend sitting in on a Zoom session, you too will appreciate the knowledge and inspiration shared.
P.M. Austell

I’m ecstatic, Dr. R & R’s coaching helped me lower my cholesterol. It decreased by 46 points in 45 days…down from 245 TO 199. I was prescribed cholesterol medicine, but my doctor was pleased with my numbers and told me to keep doing what I was doing and come back in three months! I believe it will be lower by then. The Zoom invites are an excellent source of information; I invited my friend who is a bit of a skeptic, she thanked me for telling her about Dr. Reedy and Dr. Richardson’s Zoom meetings and subscribed!

G. Harris-Matty

After sixty days my weight was down 16 pounds. I am thrilled! My food choices have really changed, because I know what to eat based on my blood chemistry. The detailed and in-depth information was my guide to a better quality of life. I have more energy and I feel less stressed. The Zoom sessions are inspirational and educational.

K. Tanner
The Zoom sessions are very educational. I am certain that you will learn something about your body you didn’t know. Their educational platform can be a great resource for anyone interested in living a better quality of health. I was very impressed with the information on knowing your numbers and your risks.
Dr. P. Sterling
I am so excited; I want to tell everyone about this program. Just try the coaching for 30 days, I believe you will become a regular subscriber like me! It’s a reasonable investment I will make in my health to stay healthy.
Y. Cooper
I’m an RN. In my native country we eat fresh vegetables and fruit daily and walked a lot to get from one place to another. Since living in the US, we have become more sedentary and adopted a more processed foods lifestyle. After hearing Dr. Reedy at a lecture, I was impressed with her holistic concepts. Me and my mother have subscribed to her wellness coaching programs many times since 2019. Everyone needs to know how to identify risk factors. Her coaching is based on science, which I appreciate. They are information driven, which keeps us interested, on track, and motivated. We feel so much better overall since we have been subscribers. Most of all, I am elated because my mother has really benefited; she’s acting like she feels good, for which I am so grateful.
Q. Vensula, RN
I give the Zoom sessions a thumbs up! They are very informative. I share the link with everyone interested in learning more about living well. I am a subscriber and recommend the coaching program!
A. Blaisdell