Webinars &
Master Classes

Learn to eat right for your blood chemistry type and much more in our Master Classes.

Webinars &
Master Classes

Anywhere and Anytime from the Comfort of Your Home

Dr. R & R’s webinars and master classes are health education platforms that focus on how to personalize self-care. Despite advances in technology and pharmaceuticals, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease (fat and plaque in the arteries) remain the number one cause of heart attacks, strokes, and death among men and women worldwide, yet they are preventable and manageable by making lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, every thirty-five seconds someone dies from a broken heart. Our mission is to help people identify risks factors and develop sustainable lifestyle behaviors that lower risk factors that reduce the quality life, one heartbeat at a time!

Our master classes teach you how to customize a blueprint based on your current health status, personal health goals, and existing risk factors. Within 30 days, you will have a customized self-care blueprint developed by your coaches Dr. Reedy and Dr. Richardson.

  • Better manage your blood pressure
  • Lowering your risk of having a broken heart
  • Build good health based on science
  • Experience greater well-being
  • Increase your sense of wellness
  • Eat right for your chemistry type

Free Webinars

Join us on our 30-minute webinar platforms where we have guests who share empowering information about their field of expertise. R & R webinars are free and accessible without a subscription.

  • Free
  • Informational and Inspirational
  • Get the Latest Research on Healthcare
  • Invite a Friend!

Dr. R & R Master Classes

We offer two affordable masterclass subscriptions. Our master classes focus on six modules that will empower you with knowledge on how to lower risk factors that are linked to the number cause of deaths worldwide and among people of color and women.

  • Master Classes are 60- or 90-day Subscriptions.
  • Our master classes are 45-minute online courses and presented twice a week.
  • Master classes can also be viewed at your leisure. We encourage you to develop a schedule that allows you to focus on the classroom session.
  • Each master class covers a specific module in depth.